Building Renovation

Renewal of our building

Earlier this year we sought, and found, an architectural practice with all the right characteristics for us; MillsPower Architecture were appointed in early March 2023.

Led by the MillsPower team, Phyllida Mills and David Janosi, great progress has been made since March. 

A building survey was commissioned. A Quantity surveyor, sewerage, rainwater and drainage specialist, and consulting engineers have all been appointed and have done or are doing their work. An asbestos survey and an environmental assessment will take place shortly. A detailed evaluation of how the building is used, day by day, was undertaken by David Janosi. He consulted with dozens of people, including our valued tenants at the Southover Partnership. 

Planning is now well under way. As you will see in the drawings done by the team at MillsPower, our plans are modest yet will significantly change the look of the congregation. Please look out for our next general meeting talking about the details.