Building Renovation

Renewal of our building

Earlier this year we sought, and found, an architectural practice with all the right characteristics for us; MillsPower Architecture were appointed in early March 2023.

Led by the MillsPower team, Phyllida Mills and David Janosi, great progress has been made since March. 

A building survey was commissioned. A Quantity surveyor, sewerage, rainwater and drainage specialist, and consulting engineers have all been appointed and have done or are doing their work. An asbestos survey and an environmental assessment will take place shortly. A detailed evaluation of how the building is used, day by day, was undertaken by David Janosi. He consulted with dozens of people, including our valued tenants at the Southover Partnership. 

Fundraising for Renewing Our Home

Last year at this time, we had begun discussions about how we might raise the funds for the renewal of our building. An initial group had met a few times, and whilst building plans were yet to be finalised, we were planning how to progress. We set an initial goal of £650k to fund the project, ahead of work to re-scope and re-cost the building plans.

We launched our Renewing Our Home programme at two evenings hosted at the synagogue in March which were well attended and showed the commitment of our membership to the community.

Thank you so much to everyone who has given or pledged funds. We are both pleased and grateful we have been successful in applying for a Barnet Council Communities Grant of £78k. So, we are now well on our way to realising that initial target, with approximately £450k given or pledged at the time of writing.

As the plans for the building become clearer, it looks like a target closer to £1m will be needed to achieve our aims. So, there is still much to do! We hope everyone can be involved in a meaningful way and feel that the renewed building is something we are all very much part of.