Delving Into Judaism

Delving Into Judaism is run by Rabbi Rebecca and Student Rabbi Yael Tishler every Wednesday at 7 pm.

This class is for those on a path to Judaism as well as those who want to refresh and renew their knowledge.

We also invite all those who have chosen to join the Jewish faith to join this class, in order to get to grips with the rich culture, history, and context of Jewish identity.

Each term, we focus on a different area of Jewish life, exploring the building blocks of Judaism, using a creative lens to delve deeper:

  • Autumn — Festival Calendar
  • Spring — The questions we’re all afraid to ask but really want to know the answer to!
  • Summer — The siddur and the progression of the Shabbat service.

If you are interested in converting to Judaism, click here for further information.

Please contact our administrator at or on 020 8446 4063 for further information.