High Holy Day Charities

Generation 2 Generation

Generation 2 Generation (G2G) is a Holocaust Education Charity, established to empower second and third generation Holocaust survivor descendants to present their family histories to a wide variety of audiences. Through the use of survivor testimony, G2G  aims to keep these Holocaust stories alive and promote the importance of inclusivity and human rights.

During the last academic year speakers presented their families’ stories to around 40,000 people from 307 groups and feedback from audiences and organisers is always very positive.

Funding helps G2G with all aspects of its work in ensuring that the experiences of the Holocaust are not forgotten or denied; that presentations are engaging, high quality and historically accurate: and that speakers are able to present throughout Britain.

Leo Baeck Institute Haifa

Established in 1938, the Leo Baeck Education Center is considered one of Israel’s premier educational institutions, providing quality educational programs for a body of more than 2,500 students, reflecting our philosophy of inclusion and diversity: Jewish – whether conservative or orthodox – Druze, Christians, Muslims, Bahai, they all study together, side by side, constituting one vibrant, diverse and progressive community.

The Leo Baeck community is rooted in values of Jewish renewal, shared society, social justice, equality and human rights. Together, we create a joint community based on partnership, mutual respect and equality. Whether it be the Arab/Jewish Summer Camp, Ethiopian Scholarship Programme, programmes to support the Autistic Spectrum Department (ASD) and the Women’s Empowerment Programme (offering training for Arab Women to enter the workplace),  your support enables the Center to provide students and the wider community from disadvantaged backgrounds, the tools to thrive.  We cannot thank you enough.

The Rainbow Centre

The Rainbow Centre is a community hub in Barnet that provides after school clubs, emotional and practical support, a food bank and school holiday lunches for underprivileged families. There  are many families, whose children are not eligible for free school meals, who are finding it impossible to cope with the cost of living crises even though they are in work.  The Rainbow Centre is a lifeline for them.

The Centre needs funding  for football boots, equipment for their promised new centre  and vouchers for the older children who are mentoring the younger children; and for the beloved  annual  day trip to the seaside, often the first time many children see the sea.