30/31 August 2019, 29/30 Av 5779

Zoe Jacobs writes:

I spent the bank holiday weekend on Brighton beach. The extraordinary sunshine warmed the pebbles around me, and – when I wasn’t swimming – I enjoyed hours of picking up and cradling warm, smooth stones.

They felt so permanent in a moment where everything from our weather to our politics seems frighteningly impermanent. It is calming to have solid, ancient things around us as we navigate through this storm.

Our Judaism, our Torah and our wonderfully dependable festivals offer us this anchor as we transition into September. Join us through Shabbot or Chaggim, through Ivriah or Delving into Judaism. Our roots keep us stable.

And, if on your wanderings, you also find stones warmed by the sunshine please inspect them to see if there is a hole through them. Please also look out for conkers, shells and other rain-proof, natural decorations we can use for our – impermanent – sukkah. Collection jars are ready in the synagogue.

Shabbat shalom,