27/28 September 2019, 27/28 Elul 5779

It’s been for some of us a good year and a full year. As we approach Rosh Hashanah, we think of our lives but also what we can bring to other peoples’ lives.

Teshuvah U’Tefillah U’Tzdakah ….. Repentance, Prayer and Charity (justice) will avert the evil decree. We will chant this many times over the HHD services. There is much to comment on this verse, and I will be, but for now as we approach Sunday the idea of righteous giving and support is important. Generosity is key.

A friend received a message the other day. His name was mentioned and honoured as his brother made a donation to the food bank in their South African synagogue. Instead of a physical Rosh Hashanah gift, they donated to the food bank in his name. I loved this idea.

We all agree Food Banks are not the answer and we are right to feel ashamed that so many people rely on them here in our affluent United Kingdom. Charity can’t end poverty. But while the need is there, we are responsible for sharing what we have. So please donate money or food in family or friends’ names. We will happily send a Rosh Hashanah email to anyone you donate for.

Join us in the learning and activities we have as we prepare here at FPS for Rosh Hashanah to bring it extra meaning and joy.

Shabbat Shalom