26/27 June 2020, 4/5 Tamuz 5780


I managed a few days off Zoom this week; and it was refreshing. Except for Delving into Judaism and Rosh Chodesh I had a break from screens; it was very welcome and I benefitted, as did the garden and my reading list.  I was able to attend to both.

But screens and connectivity have also been our lifeline, and may continue to be for a while. As we navigate and negotiate what this slow and tentative easing of restrictions may look like I want to reassure everyone that I and synagogue Council/Board are being careful and cautious, following Government guidelines and those created in response by Liberal Judaism.

For those of you who have not yet tried our online services they have been surprisingly successful and even personal. Attendance has grown at all synagogue events, not just services, and community has grown tighter, I am certain. Nothing will stop as of yet as we work out how and when we might safely and inclusively return to our building. Please try a service if you have not already and if you need help to do so, we are happy to arrange that.

I’m proud of how adaptive we have been as a community, how much joy and poignancy we have managed in communal prayer when we have been in separate places.

I note with irony Moses gets into big trouble this week because he failed to ‘trust in’ God. It encouraged me even more to sustain the trust inside FPS that we are looking after everyone and the services, learning and justice we hold so dear. We are all so enthusiastic to be back at 54 Hutton Grove but it is not yet that time.

Shabbat Shalom to everyone,
Rabbi Rebecca