26/27 July 2019, 26/27 Tammuz 5779

Mattot means tribes or clans. the name given to this week’s portion. But it coincides with the quiet period of Summer when many of us will be relaxing in our clans, with our tribes and even ourselves, the most critical clan member. It’s a welcome custom we have of re-calibrating ourselves during the weeks of high summer. The next portion often doubled with this is Maasei; Journeys. Again apt for this time of year.

Some of us travel and some of us stay put and enjoy our gardens. We will be here, enjoying our countryside.

Taking a pause and that second cup of coffee with a book after breakfast might be just what the soul needs after the fast pace of life, work and school. Even for a few days.

Here is my Pause for Thought on Coming of Age summers and the joy of laziness.

Shabbat Shalom to All

Rabbi Rebecca