23/24 October 2020, 5/6 Cheshvan 5781

This week is like the day after the night before.

The Chagim (festivals) of Tishri finished, and now we sit in the new month of Cheshvan. Funnily Cheshvan, one of the few Hebrew months containing no festivals was referred to in the Rabbinic period as Mar Cheshvan (Bitter) because it’s without the joy of festivals. In the world of professional Judaism Cheshvan is the pause for breath we’ve all been waiting for. And then you add, for this Jewish professional a Bar Mitzvah, and the pause is very welcome.

In Parashat Noach we see God pausing and breathing, well almost.

God said quietly, to Godself, I won’t ever again destroy humankind as I have just done. (8:21)

What a detail, that private thought, shared with no-one else, but a commitment and promise nonetheless. What a way to begin this quieter, calmer month with that silent promise of the rainbow sealing the covenant between God and the earth.

Surely a good time to head outdoors and find moments of divinity and calm in nature.

To that end FPS will share both Shabbat services with Rabbis Alexandra Wright and Igor Zinkov at LJS. A rest for the whole FPS team and an opportunity for synagogue visiting from your living room. Look forward to seeing you the following Shabbat 30/31 October when we will begin services in our sanctuary.

Shabbat Shalom to you all