2/3 April 2021, 20/21 Nisan 5781

There was something particularly memorable about our communal Seder last Sunday evening, not least because two Elijah’s arrived and a goat. We came together with such warmth and dedication emboldened by our learning and preparations. New members were delivering Passover food to others and we expanded our minhagim to include new Mizrachi traditions thanks to The Fuller Table.

This Sunday at Cafe Ivriah we’ll mark Mimouna, a Moroccan Jewish holiday for the end of Pesach gathering increasing popularity in Israel now. It’s a chance to translate some of the Pesach commitments let all who are hungry come and eat into the vernacular of our lives.

This holiday may be based on the yahrzeit of Maimon ben Joseph, the father of Maimonides, a scholar in his own right who lived in Fez (Morocco) and wrote on Jewish-Islamic relations. He died around 1170. Or it might be based on the Arabic word, ma’amoun for plenty and good fortune.

Or perhaps even the Hebrew word emunah (belief) and the Maimonidean Ani Ma’amin, I believe as a reassurance after Passover. It’s a holiday of commitment and hope for the fertility and fortune of Spring . It’s sharing of food, produce and friendship, a return to real food, no longer the bread of affliction. I imagine we will have much to share after this full year of virtual gathering and yet the community has welcomed new members and grown in interesting ways.

Our FPS Mimouna will reflect on this and hopes for the months ahead. See below for the food stuffs to have.

We’re going to try it this year, because who doesn’t need a serving of blessing and joy. Join us on Sunday for some learning, conversation and virtual eating together but looking to the moment when it will be real.

Moadim l’simcha and wishing you a good end to Passover.
Rabbi Rebecca