19/20 March 2021, 6/7 Nisan 5781

Vayikra el Moshe -The Eternal Called to Moses and spoke to him … Please feel called to join us for our Passover Preparations and celebrations. This week marks a year since the beginning of lockdown life and our moving as a community to online activities.

I doubt any of us thought we’d be holding our second Zoom seder.

So I think preparing together for Pesach will be significant this year. Look out for our Fuller Table session next Wednesday 7pm where we’ll expand the customs and practices of Passover to include Mizrachi and Ethiopian Judaism. We will welcome guests to our table; Rabbi Gary Somers, Isaac Treuherz and Desta Shanko. This exploring has rightly come from our work to see Jewish life, tradition and practice as wider than we might have previously. We are waiting very hopefully for the guidance from Stephen Bush’s report at the BOD.

Let all who are hungry come and eat… might just be spiritual as well as edible. (Sunday’s event on Food Poverty in Cafe Ivriah is just one of these). Do join us for this important step in our Jewish learning and practice.

Rabbi Rebecca