19/20 July 2019, 19/20 Tammuz 5779

The picture above is of our Council considering its tasks and the best way to lead FPS. They gathered for a full day of work last Sunday for what was euphemistically called an Away Day although we were here in our Synagogue sanctuary.

We had a nicer lunch than our usual snacks on a Tuesday evening. Our council is made up of Lay Leadership who guide and take responsibility for the synagogue as trustees for three years (usual minimum). They build upon the work by our founder members and the folk that followed them in leading the synagogue.

This week’s Torah portion Pinchas describes Moses handing over the task of leadership to Joshua. To that end I have invited our Our Vice Presidents (former Chairmen and Chairwomen) to join me in the service. Our congregation is nothing, if not M’Dor-le-Dor From One Generation to the Next. Indeed that is our strength.

See you for our Shabbat services this weekend, starting with Shabbat Resouled.

Wishing you all a peaceful Shabbat.