19/20 August 2022, 23 Av 5782

Sometimes something catches your eye and draws you in.

cut for yourself two tablets of stone like the first, and come up to me on the mountain… Deuteronomy 10

Eikev describes the second set of tablets; the ark to house them and God literally offering to write them.

This reminder of re-doing, re-creating and is something we do constantly. And the narrative of the second tablets has much to teach: There are always opportunities to keep trying.

Come Fly With Me comes from the Good Chance Theatre Project. They were the creators of the Little Amal – the refugee puppet that walked through Europe met by faith leaders and the public in each town.

Their mission was to raise consciousness around refugees and migration with a the puppet of a displaced 9 year old girl moved across countries.

Now they want to draw our attention back to the plight of Afghanis both still in Afghanistan and those here stuck in bridging hotels.

One year since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban…People everywhere will remember and preserve Afghan culture through the simple, joyful act of kite making and flying.

This is a beautiful project is being rolled out across the UK and beyond this Saturday.

From the monies we have raised to support refugees we will be funding children from The Palm Hotel to get there and have their own kite.

We have to keep trying. Keep working. Keep remembering. And no better week than this as we’re reminded of those tablets being re-written.

If you are going do let me know.

For more information about the event click here.

Shabbat shalom