16/17 September 2022, 21 Elul 5782

Elul encourages us to look inwards and consider who and even what we are; and more importantly what matters to us. I love this teaching from Buddhist meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg “Pay attention to what you are paying attention to…” We get to reflect this month what is important to us. And we get to do it as a community together.

Starting back this Shabbat in person for Cafe Ivriah Book Club before the service to have a conversation about David Baddiel’s book Jews Don’t Count.

This will be a good opportunity.

Firstly my teacher Rabbi Professor Larry Hoffman always says it’s Jewish conversations we need in all our synagogues, not necessarily didactic lectures but real Jewish conversations about topics we care about. Secondly thinking about our own identities, especially now, can only be a good thing. And we are beginning with Baddiel’s book navigating, as it does, the particular experience of being a Jew here in the UK.

I look forward to seeing you there.

And I also very much look forward to seeing any of you who cherish that first moment of the HHD season with the Selichot service Saturday 9pm (in person only) -reintroducing us to the melodies and carving out that reflective time for us – by candlelight we hope. This year our member David Dolan will bring his knowledge and love of music to us as we respond to carefully chosen pieces before we begin our service.

Wishing you a peaceful Shabbat,
Rabbi Rebecca