16/17 August 2019, 15/16 Av 5779

LJY Israel Tour just returned. It included 4 FPS folk, and also Kayitz, the year above, visiting Croatia, Serbia and Austria, 20% of whom were from FPS. I have been thinking of Coming of Age Summers. I’m not sure if you can remember yours, I can recall mine and here it is remembered for posterity on Radio 2 Pause for Thought.

There is something viscerally different about these long days of Summer. a slowness kicks in even when we work at our desks. This week’s portion Va’etchannan contains the Shema where we are told to remember and talk of these things; God morning and night. We often forget it’s Torah not a ready made prayer composed generations after. The blessing before the Shema, Yotzei Or u’Vorei Hoshech who makes light and creates darkness takes on more meaning during these light evenings.

This Shabbat evening will be our August Resouled. Do join us if you are here and experiencing summer in North Finchley.

Shabbat Shalom and look forward to seeing you.

Rabbi Rebecca