16/17 April 2021, 4/5 Iyar 5781

We are stronger together is one of those cliches that turns out to be true. When we ended Passover in a brief zoomed Havdalah ceremony with 80 other Liberal Jews we saw that. When we make changes for the better because of stronger alliances and connections with others, in our Citizens UK work, we see that too. Famously it was Martin Buber in his book I and Thou that first expressed the idea of religious meaning through person relationships. It has born out.

All actual life is encounter. The I of the basic word I-You is different from that of the basic word I-It…Persons appear by entering into relation to other persons.

So I wanted to alert you this week to two important events where we should ensure our presence as a community.

1. London’s Mayoral Assembly April 28th 6pm, where our own Zoe Jacobs and Adrian Lister will be prominent leaders on the night. Sign up here.

2. Liberal Judaism’s Biennial Weekend, a slight misnomer as of course there was one last year too. But taking advantage of online gathering colleagues wanted to create a collective Shabbat learning opportunity for us all. We will participate in the Shabbat services together and there is learning and conversation all weekend from Friday to Sunday. Please book here for free for your easy pass to access everything.

I wish you a Shabbat Shalom and an easy weekend.