11/12 June 2021, 2/3 Tammuz 5781

This week I attended an international conference for Women Rabbis, WRN. I met many rabbis from around the world, some of them the first in their own countries. All of the women I met described their youth movements enticing them into deeper learning and eventually the rabbinate. We don’t expect all our children to become rabbis. But I do hope that many get to experience their Youth movement and what it offers in terms of challenging and thoughtful Jewish identity.

I’m sorry this message is especially for parents and grandparents but it’s important just this week. Finally after the year of uncertainty we’ve had our youth movement LJY Netzer has confirmed our Summer Camps. They have worked so hard to adapt and craft newly safe and Covid compliant camps.

Please see the poster, if you have children 7-17 and consider sending them to one of our brilliant LJ camps. I wanted to lend as much support and encouragement as I can to our Youth Movement, who support us in raising thoughtful, happy and proud Jews. Please consider camp this summer.

There is now a camp for years 11 &12, just one week at the start of the holidays. The regular Kadimah at the end for 2 weeks for our years 5-10 and a new one week camp for young children aged 7-11.

I’m sending my children along with other FPSers. And I am happy to chat to anyone who needs to learn more.

Shabbat Shalom to all.

p.s please check out Liberal Judaism’s events for Refugee Week.