1/2 October 2021, 25/26 Tishrei 5782

Zoe writes:

With 24 hours behind me, I can take a breath and look back at the High Holy Days of 2021, 5782.

We truly weren’t sure what it would be like. With so many changes to normality; pre-booking, mask-wearing, social distancing, we didn’t know whether our FPS-ness could come through these obstacles.

But it was wonderful. Wonderful to be together in the building. So many of you told me you were anxious before your first visit back to the synagogue. And yet, once here, it was all okay. An embrace from an old friend, someone said.

I encourage you to come when you feel ready. We are here – and we know we can make not just Shabbat, but even our High Holy Days, meaningful in these strange times.

During the HHDs I become a citizen of FPS, of my spirituality, of my body. But as the cacophony of Tishrei festivals ebb away, the noise from the outside world becomes louder. I return as a citizen of the world. And it’s sometimes a difficult place to be. The reports from the Sarah Everard case are hard to read. The ongoing and urgent need for support for Afghan refugees is horrifying.

In a Barnet Citizens meeting just this morning we were looking at how the Barnet Refugee Welcome Board – set up to support Syrian Refugees – is now turning to Afghanis. We will continue to update you as we have more information, for the moment please do drop off children’s and adult’s coats to FPS.

May the joy of these festivals, our community, and celebration, lighten us as we continue along the road.

Shabbat shalom,