Jewish learning is endlessly varied, profound and stimulating. At FPS, no week passes without opportunities to draw on this deep well of our culture.


Beit Midrash (evening study)

Jewish Study at Finchley Progressive Synagogue

Our flagship learning experience, Beit Midrash, takes place on Thursday evenings. We host series of talks throughout the year on many aspects of Jewish culture and religion, ranging from Middle Eastern politics, to a Liberal take on Talmud, to Jewish festive cooking, and much else besides. The discussions are led by invited experts or by knowledgeable members of our own community.  The experience is always interactive - we do not just sit and listen, we participate. And everyone's opinion is valued, whether 'learned' or not. 


Breakfast shiurim  

A shiur is traditionally a Torah study session. Our Breakfast Shiur is a unique experience that takes place on Saturday mornings every five to six weeks and is hosted by FPS member Tony Rose (details can be found on our calendar).

Arrive at 8.45am to find the table laden with croissants, rolls, cheese, eggs, fruit, and plentiful tea and coffee.  Take your place and listen to an illustrated presentation by an expert in their field.  Invited speakers have covered topics ranging from the Tower of Babel to quantum physics (for non-experts!).  The floor is then open for questions, answers and discussion.


Delving into Judaism  

Our Rabbi leads this weekly class (Mondays 7.30pm around school terms) for those wanting to learn about Judaism, either with a view to conversion or to refresh and enrich their Jewish learning.  We offer basic Hebrew and topics such as Jewish prayer, festivals and calendar as well as delving into Jewish thought and history.



We have over 3600 books of Jewish interest: Biblical commentary, history of the Jews throughout the ages, a large Holocaust section, children's and junior books, modern fiction and more... They are catalogued alphabetically as well as according to the subject.

If you wish to borrow a book, you need only to put its card in the folder provided and the required details in the borrowers' book. We welcome book donations and when we get duplicates, we put them on a trolley in the corridor, for anyone to take home (a voluntary donation welcome).


Lunch and Learn  

Lunch and Learn is a lively weekly Jewish conversation over soup and sandwiches (Wednesdays 12.30 – 2pm in term time). We have covered such topics as Jewish ethical wills, the history of the Progressive movement, Liberal choices and the Book of Ruth.  This year we are studying the Torah portion of the week from our modern perspective.