Early Years

The first years of life are crucial for a person's future growth and development. At FPS we recognise that the baby and infant years are also the start of a Jewish life. We offer a Shabbatots service on the third Saturday of the month, and our Family Room, with toys and resources, enables parents to bring their little ones into services with a break-out area when needed.  We are exploring the possibility of opening a nursery. 


 Ivriah – our Religion School

Ivriah, our religion school, takes place on Shabbat mornings during term time, so that we learn, pray and eat together as a whole community.

Our children learn before and during the morning service, and we join together for the final prayers and kiddush. Most of our teachers are from the community and our assistant teachers are training in leadership skills. We follow a simple and effective Jewish studies curriculum around history, festivals and the basic building blocks of Jewish identity.

For Hebrew language we use the Mitkadem programme that enables individual progress in prayer-book Hebrew. We aim to empower our young people to be proud and informed Liberal Jews.

On the first Shabbat of the month (Shabbat B’Yachad), the children, teachers and all other members join for a family service.   As part of their curriculum, our older B’nei Mitzvah students join the service for other occasions. In addition to B'nei Mitzvah, we offer a full Kabbalat Torah programme for our teenagers to work together in a peer group, learning and ultimately leading a Shabbat service together.


FPS is affiliated with LJY NETZER, Liberal Judaism’s vibrant youth programme.  We offer a connection to their camps and events. Visit www.ljy-netzer.org for full details.