A message for Rosh Hashanah

I can't believe we are here already embarking on our High Holydays. https://www.liberaljudaism.org/2019/09/rosh-hashanah-messages-2019-5780/

I received an email this week from the School of Life promising to Overhaul Your Emotional Life in 5 Days.

We don't need such a crash course in emotional intelligence when we have Rosh Hashanah and the ensuing ten days to Yom Kippur. How fortunate we are to have this moment to reboot, refresh and redirect ourselves. From the shehechyanu blessing; we are grateful to the one who has kept us alive, kept us upright us and allowed us to arrive at the this New Year of 5780. I hope struggles of the past year find resolution, and if they don’t, I hope you find the strength and blessing to move into the New Year with ease. For those coming to services I look forward to sharing them with you. For those I won't see I wish you and everyone a good and a sweet year ahead.

Shanah Tova Umetukah
Rabbi Rebecca Birk

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