Kayitz 5779

A report from Ruben Qassim:

I visited my first death camp this summer: Jasenovc, in Croatia. What I saw and learnt there will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am sure I can say the same for other teenagers who went on LJY Netzer’s Kayitz to Serbia, Austria and Croatia this summer.

Kayitz 2019.PNG

The focus of our trip, led by student rabbi Gabriel Webber, was the richness of Jewish life in these countries before the Holocaust, and it is fair to say I learned even more about Jewish life than I have on previous LJY Netzer trips. In Sarajevo, I was particularly struck how the city’s mosque was situated directly next to a church and synagogue.

LJY Netzer has been central to my life since I went on my first trip at the age of nine. Next year, I lead on Kadimah, and I can’t wait. Lauren Keiles and Nina Morris-Evans, the  brilliant madrichot on this trip, have shown me how it should be done!

Kayitz 5779 Ruben Qassim