Delving into Judaism - Starts Tuesday April 23

Delving into Judaism and Hebrew 8 Week Course Rabbi Rebecca’s Home, those asterisked are at FPS* Learning from 7.00 - 8.45pm. Each session stands alone but together they create a fuller and more integrated conversation about Judaism.

Tuesday 23 April ORDER

Understanding the Seder (order). The Exodus from Egypt has become leitmotif of Judaism. Unpacking and building on this central thread. How does Order connect to empathy?

Tuesday 7 May MEMORY

Jonathan Safran Foer suggests Jews have 6 not 5 senses, the sixth being memory. Iyar (this month) holds extra dates in the calendar added by the early State of Israel. These were unprecedented changes to Jewish tradition. Do we need them to remember?

Tuesday 21 May* CALENDAR

The Hebrew alongside the Gregorian. The time frame of a Jew.

Tuesday 4 June * TORAH

Both a pillar of being Jewish and a way of expressing Progressive values.

Tuesday 11 June WHO’S WHO

Denominations: The Jewish ‘Food Chain’. The wider community of Israel Klal Yisrael.

Tuesday 25 June MINYAN

Community at prayer. Why congregation matters. What we gather for? The rules and expectations of being community.

Tuesday 2 July* MAZAL TOV

Birth, Coming of Age and Commitment…Jewish rites of Passage: Why Mazal Tov matters.

Tuesday 9 July KADDISH

Jewish customs around death and what it brings to life.