Building bridges, not walls

Friday 8th March, 10-11.30am at FPS

More than 600 Palestinian and Israeli families who have lost loved ones are members of the Parents’ Circle-Families Forum (PCFF) and work across the divide for peace and reconciliation. Please join us for a conversation with forum members Bassam Aramin and Robi Damelin, who are visiting the UK to raise awareness of the bereaved Palestinians and Israelis who have chosen the path of reconciliation rather than retaliation.


Robi Damelin’s son David was shot by a Palestinian sniper in 2002. David was studying for an MA in the philosophy of education at Tel Aviv University and was an active member of the peace movement. Since 2003, Robi has been making use of her personal pain for reconciliation rather than revenge.

Bassam Aramin lost his 10 year-old daughter Abir in 2007 when she was shot in front of her school. He had struggled against the Israeli occupation since he was 13 years old and spent seven years in Israeli jails. He now devotes his time to the pursuit of Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation and a non violent end to the occupation.

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