Looking back at Erev Sukkot - looking forward to Simchat Torah

Rabbi Rebcca writes:

Our EREV SUKKOT service was pretty exceptional. Over 200 crammed into our sanctuary to hear our young people talk about their history as grandchildren and great-grandchildren of kinder, or as those who have benefitted from kinder, who came and contributed so much.

They made the link explicit that our background, our history should inform how we behave…. you should love the foreigner who lives amongst you because you were foreigners in the land of Egypt….

Ruby Reich talking of her grandfather Eric Reich, and Rebekah Treganna thanking Rabbi Harry Jacobi.

Ruby Reich talking of her grandfather Eric Reich, and Rebekah Treganna thanking Rabbi Harry Jacobi.

How many times this line reverberates through Torah. Yet it continues to have relevance and immediacy.  Erev Sukkot was our Sukkot Sanctuary event. The Sukkah is such a powerful symbol of sanctuary, dwelling and home.  We welcomed so many from our Borough to celebrate refugees, remember the 80th anniversary of kinder transport and ask for welcome to unaccompanied child refugees -  now 3-a-year in Barnet for the next 10 years. Our young people spoke with prophetic voices and were so proud of their synagogue. As he was honoured Rabbi Harry Jacobi told us his synagogue, his Liberal Jewish community and fellow British citizens; “I came alone with no family and you became my family. Now it is OUR TURN”.

When Torah, Synagogue and Justice come together we all benefit. This week we move to Simchat Torah and our celebration of our Sifrei Torah, and the completion and beginning again of our Torah cycle. 

We honour our Chatan Torah Richard Greene and our Kallat Bereshit Ofra Rosenwasser. Ofra, who has taught so many of our children Torah and Hebrew, is the daughter of Zvi, who taught so many before her and now brings her justice work with our Syrian families alongside her Torah learning and teaching. Richard has become Baal Tefillah within our community and brings so much to our services and community. Much to celebrate. Do help us to do so. 

Shabbat Shalom for this Shabbat chol hamo’ed Sukkot and for our Simchat Torah services Sunday 6.30 and Monday 11am.

Rabbi Rebecca