Finchley Food Bank

Finchley Food Bank

We’ve been contacted by some Jewish students and young professionals working with foodbanks and social action projects.  They say that not many synagogues or Jewish community organisations support their local foodbanks and they think many would be willing to do so and they are starting a network to encourage them. They contacted the Trussell Trust who identified FPS as a synagogue which already collects donations and they have contacted us for information on our experience etc in order to try and encourage other synagogues and organisations to do what we are doing.  FPS leading the way again in social action projects!

Finchley Food Bank posted this on their Facebook page on Saturday 21st April - “despite the amazing weather today we still had 49 Adults and children from homes across the borough leaving stock dangerously low for next week. This week’s most needed items are Tinned Meat/Veg/Fruit/Fish....All Toiletries except sanitary products...Biscuits...Coffee....Sugar...Milk and Rice”

Please buy an extra item when you do your next shop and leave it in the box in the Synagogue hallway – we will ensure that it goes to Finchley Food Bank for distribution.

Thank you for all your help.

Peggy and Alison