FPS Into the Woods

On Sunday 14th May some Ivriah students along with their parents (and some Grandparents!) were given secret directions to get to an unknown woodland location in Hertfordshire where we met for a fantastic day of fun. We parked at the Bricklayers Arms pub in Flaunden and armed with deckchairs and sausages, ventured into the beautiful bluebell lined woodland grove that lay just beyond.

The zip wire and tree houses were so much fun for us kids - the adults gathered round a large wood burning barbecue and cooked up a feast of sausages, potato salad and schnitzel (lovingly prepared by my Grandma!) Josie brought marshmallows which we then roasted on twigs and then sandwiched them between 2 digestive biscuits! The children also had a great time making dough and wrapping it around twigs and burning it in the fire!!We enjoyed it so much we asked Katherine (who owns this lovely patch of woodland) if we could camp there next year (if the weather is good) and she said “YES!” When we got home our clothes smelled of smoke but it was so much fun.

written by Maya Rose Stubbings

and Rabbi Rebecca writes:

Just occasionally one has a magical experience out of the norm and even the expected.

Last Sunday several FPSniks went to the woods. This is not the beginning of a story but a real day hosted generously by member Katherine Klinger. We pared down, switched off screens (no reception so wonderfully easy) brought sausages and dough to cook over the fire. We barely used plates, we sat in the sun, had different, relaxed conversations. Children ran free and slightly feral with home-made spears whittled there and then. It was a fabulous community event. Something special happens outside London in the outdoors. We had bluebells underfoot and zip wires in the trees, freshly joined and seasoned members spent time together. I was reminded, it is not just the social justice work we do; the prayers we gather for, the kiddushim we lay out, the classes we teach and the care we offer. Sometimes we think outside all of these and the expectations of a synagogue and do something magical. 

I hope we will manage more such moments. 

Prayer for Nature Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav

may it be my custom to go outdoors each day among the trees and grass – among all growing things
and there may I be alone, and enter into prayer,
to talk with the One to whom I belong.

Shabbat Shalom to everyone
Rabbi Rebecca