Ned's bar mitzvah on 29 April

From our very own Ned:

This is me aged 7 lighting the havdalah candle.  My bar mitzvah is on 29 April, starting at 11am. I have enjoyed my lessons with my teacher Avi, learning about the Israeli-Palestinaian situation. I am the youngest of four children: Sarah, James and Melanie all had their b'nei mitzvot at FPS.

Melanie also read a portion in Australia for my grandparents. My Grandma Sasha is no longer with us and my Grandpa is too old to travel: he will be 96 in July.

I like playing football, playing with my friends and snowboarding, and I am learning the double bass.

I have guests coming all the way from Australia for my bar mitzvah and I would really like you all to come to celebrate my bar mitzvah at FPS.