The story of the movement of a people, the cultural roots of Eastern European Jewry and one man’s incredible adventure as he travelled from Lithuania to South Africa to begin a new life.

Carmel Schrire talks about the book, her research and the Early Jewish narratives that comprise this extraordinary first-hand account.

DATE:      7 March 2017

TIME:       7:30pm

VENUE:   JW3 | 341-351 Finchley Road | London   NW3 6ET

DETAILS: website

BOX OFFICE: 020 7433 8988

Carmel is a Professor in the Anthropology Department at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The Reb and the Rebel is an apparent departure from her main fields of interest, namely archaeology and ethnography, but her eclectic style of scholarship operates just as well in the discovery and analysis of early Jewish settlement in South Africa.