Mitzvah Day 2017

This year at FPS we turned inwards for Mitzvah Day and looked after our own community – building friendships and support networks within the shul, ensuring those who needed help felt supported, and the jobs that always fell to the same people were shared amongst all of us.

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We had 4 projects:

Gardening: this is part of a bigger project to make the back garden beautiful. If you’d like to join the team and garden for 1 hour a week please do get in touch!

MitzvahDay2017 20171119_102757.jpg

Caring and Repairing: looking around the synagogue, making the place beautiful – we polished lots of silver, tidied the bima and ark, and painted a beautiful mural to welcome visitors to the shul.

MitzvahDay2017 20171122_152637.jpg

Baking and Taking: we made delicious lemon drizzle cakes for members of the community who are struggling, lonely or needing a cake-based hug!

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Knitting: we made gorgeous mini kippot and tallitot for teddy bears – these will be given as welcome gifts for babies in our community!





An enormous thank you to everyone who joined us for the day, it was a lot of fun! If you’d like to get involved in our on-going mitzvot, please contact me on

Zoe Jacobs
Community Education and Development Manager

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