Volunteers are required for the following jobs. Please read through what is required and return your completed ‘sign up’ form to Pauline in FPS office by 20 March. Call Andrea Narcin on 07969 471522 or email for further information

Evening meal: 3-4 volunteers to liaise and coordinate cooking and bring food (20 portions to include volunteers) plus 4 pints milk + 2 sliced loaves to FPS by 7.00 pm on Night Shelter evening

Evening shift 18.45-22.00: 4-5 volunteers to welcome guests, heat up and serve supper, eat with guests, clear away

Overnight shift 21.00-07.30: minimum of 2 volunteers to include 1 man to lock up at 10.00 pm, lights out by 11.00 pm, sleep overnight, wake guests at 7.00 am

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.58.59 PM.png

Morning shift 07.00-08.30: 2 volunteers to serve breakfast (including cereals, toast, eggs etc), see all guests off premises

Morning any time from 8.30: one driver=2 journeys, 2 drivers=1 journey each to transport 15 guest bags to the next Night Shelter venue (details will be provided) by car