FPS coffee club for refugees launches

Our rabbi writes:

We had a wonderful first morning. Our teams of volunteers led on: Clothes Donations, Delicious Home Made Cake and Coffee, English Activity, Toy Club and Confidentiality Agreements.

It was warm and welcoming and inclusive. Families helped to wash up and tidy, translate and welcome others. It was as it should be. People talked and chatted. Our crèche worker will return in a fortnight (she was wonderful) and many parents benefited from children playing in the family room. Our English activity was learning Baa Baa Black Sheep… very usefully. Everyone joined in.

Folk wanted to be there, with each other and most importantly wanting to talk English! We are delighted.

We hope to welcome more volunteers soon but are focusing on consolidating relationships and offering consistent faces in the first few weeks. We want the families to choose to return and feel familiar when they do!

We are very grateful for all the fabulous folk waiting to help!

Shabbat shalom

Rabbi Rebecca Qassim Birk