He used to say: At five years of age the study of Scripture; At ten the study of Mishnah; At thirteen subject to the commandments; At fifteen the study of Talmud; At eighteen the bridal canopy; (PIRKEI AVOT CHAPTER 5)

We offer life-long learning because we think it is important, and exciting, to be learning at any age.

We offer regular adult discussions, classes and talks.

Beit Midrash (evening study)

Jewish Study at Finchley Progressive Synagogue

Beit Midrash is our weekly Thursday evening slot at 7.30pm – each month we welcome a new speaker who offers 4 sessions on a specific topic, from Jews in Peru to Israeli cooking to Jewish humour.

Café Ivriah

Café Ivriah meets on a Saturday morning from 9.45am until 10.45am – leaving you free to join the service at 11am. This group began as a space for parents of children in Ivriah to come together and chat, but has evolved into a creative and vibrant group for all members of the community. A conversation topic is posed each week and can be mulled over with croissant and coffee.

Breakfast shiurim  

Our Breakfast Shiur runs from 8am on monthly Saturday mornings. An exciting outside speaker will present on a topic while you enjoy an incredible breakfast spread.

Delving into Judaism  

Delving Into Judaism is run by Rabbi Rebecca every Tuesday at 7pm. Delving is a space for people who would like to know more about the building blocks of Judaism, increasing their Jewish literacy in a systematic way. We also invite all converts to join this class. We focus on a different area of Jewish life each term; in the autumn term we look at the festival calendar, in spring we look at the questions we’re all too afraid to ask but really want to know the answer to (!), and in summer we look at the siddur and the progression of the Shabbat service. Please contact Pauline on 020 8446 4063 or pauline@fps.org for further information.


Young Learners

We offer a full programme for young learners from birth to when they go to university! For all these programmes please contact Zoe Jacobs at zoe@fps.org.


For the under 5s we offer 2 regular events - Shabbatots and Family Tea.

Shabbatots runs on the first Saturday of each month from 10.15 until 10.45am. Young families are welcome in our B’yachad (family) service at 11am and can stay for as long as suits them. Shabbatots is run by student rabbi Daisy Bogod and offers a story-led, musical introduction to Shabbat.

Family Tea is held at 5.30pm on the 3rd Friday of every month in line with Shabbat ReSouled, our musical service. Join us for our bring-and-share dinner with crafts and activities for the under 7s and their siblings. We welcome you to stay for Shabbat ReSouled, and will offer tambourines and rattles to get your little ones involved!

Ivriah is our Saturday school which runs for children aged 5-13. We meet every Saturday (during term time) from 9.45am until 12.30pm. We teach Jewish studies – culture, stories, history, cooking etc – and basic Hebrew all in a fun, informal and creative way. Being part of Ivriah is a brilliant way for our youngest members to get to know each other, to learn about the community and their Judaism, and to be part of synagogue life. We ask Ivriah parents to join us for Shabbat B’yachad – our family service – on the 1st Saturday of the month.


Ivriah leads up to our Bar and Bat Mitzvah programme that starts in year 7 and involves the whole family in synagogue life and learning. We mark the coming of age Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremony after our young people have turned 13. The ceremonies are the same for boys and girls. It is a two-year process, with occasional modifications.

They are Kings and Queens of our school and have a more ‘tweeny’ learning journey than the younger children. They study Hebrew and prayers for the service, alongside developing their understanding and engagement of Judaism and in particular elements and values of Liberal Judaism. They learn with their parents once a month in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Family Learning session. This is a required and expected part of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah journey for all families.

As part of the journey towards Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a date is booked with Rabbi Rebecca, and connection made with a personal tutor. The young person will demonstrate Liberal Jewish values by creating their own Tzedakah (charity) project in honour of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Kabbalat Torah


Liberal Judaism is committed to two years’ learning after Bar/Bat Mitzvah, in which the group learns Jewish leadership skills and cements their bond together. We meet fortnightly on a Saturday evening from 5-7pm to have dinner together and learn. We use the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme as the framework for our social justice, volunteering and Jewish leadership skills. In the first year of KT we travel to join other Kabbalat Torah groups from across the UK, and in the second year of KT we go to Amsterdam for a long weekend.

The young people celebrate the end of this process with a synagogue service they lead together.

Throughout this time, we encourage our young people to go to LJY-Netzer summer and spring camps. They are run by extraordinary madrichim (leaders) and offer a unique and immersive Jewish experience. Many of our children have a brilliant time and come back swearing they will become madrichim, too!